Oral History Circle VII
Spring 2005

Editor: Kathy Fortin

A sampling of the Oral Historians who braved the April showers for Oral History Circle VII.

A tradition that began six Oral History Circles ago continues to flourish. April 30, 2005 marked the gathering of Oral History Circle VII, this time held on campus in Rockefeller Hall. As each year passes, the Circle changes, evolves, and grows in different directions. This time, in addition to food (much of it home-made and irresistible), Frommers, and friends, several pals of the four legged variety attended.

Past Newsletter Editor Maria Graham brought first Oral History baby: the strawberry blonde Bridgett along, and while Bridgett played with the dogs, Maria received an official signing off on her thesis by Myrna. For those who haven’t read Maria’s thesis on a dying order of nuns in a small Irish village, it is something to be sought out. Congratulations Maria! As an expert oral historian now, you will be welcomed back at future gatherings.

With Maria at one end of the oral history student continuum, many new students attended -- some with husbands, wives and children. The range of their project topics is impressive. To name just a few, Lisa Chau is writing about the well known Hanover décor shop: Gilberte’s; Courtney Banghart’s interviewing for a history of Dartmouth’s women’s championship basketball season; Meg Maker is putting together the story of an “intentional community” in Vermont; Stephan Cantor, a maple sugar maker, is focusing on the Green Market in New York City’s Union Square; and Amy Fortier is creating the oral history of a long-time general store in West Paris, Maine.

Jerry LaMothe, a graduate of 2001, came down from his hometown North Danville, Vermont this rainy Saturday afternoon. He brought a copy of his thesis along which tells the story of North Danville: One Village, Two Centuries, Several Families. When he told the gathered throng how he’s sold numerous copies of this engaging oral history, it gave us all food for thought.

Thanks go to Tom Neeley for his contribution as Past Editor of the Newsletter. And congratulations to Tom as well as he nears thesis completion and graduation!

And one final word, the temperature outside was still cool enough for Harvey to wear his Yankees jacket which inspired some reaction from Red Sox fans still crowing over last season’s curse-breaking victory.



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