Winter 2007-2008                                                     Editor: Kathleen M. Fortin


THE LATEST: Post-grads continue to pursue their interests in collecting oral histories and assembling them in written works.Among them is Allen Sherman (’05) who with his partner Marion Nelson has just returned from Marigot Bay, St. Lucia, West Indies with more than 70 hours of interviews to be transcribed and edited. Between October 18th and December 13th, they spoke to a range of St. Lucian artists, writers, poets and musicians in an attempt evoke responses to such subjects as colonialism, independence movements, post-colonialism, the residual but very real legacy of slavery, and the development of Kweyol and Rastafarianism on the island. Among the significant figures included in their interview list are Dame Pearlette Louisy -- Governor General of St. Lucia, the Honorable Dunstan St. Omer - artist and cultural hero, Charles Cadet -- composer, Msgr. Patrick Anthony -- liberation theologian and linguist, and Kendel Hippolyte -- poet.  The pair are also interviewing the children of some of the island’s cultural figures - who are artists and writers themselves. Their work has been reported in St. Lucia's newspapers, as well as on radio and television.

Having been coached for this adventure by Harvey and Myrna, Allen and Marion have obtained the support of the Folk Research Centre and the blessing of the Archdiocese of Castries, St.Lucia for their work which they plan resume when they return in February 2008. One area they will focus on is Dunstan St. Omer's church murals which are located all around the island.

Allen & Marion in St. Lucia

Christopher.S.Cosgrove (’05) is using the skills he learned in MALS 191 in his middle school class in Rutland, VT., training yet another generation of budding oral historians.


Among the exciting oral history subjects being pursued as theses are:

Christopher S. Bossie: The Impact of Living, Working, and Playing on Nickerson
Lake in Linneus and New Limerick, Maine.
Kaitlin Colladay: The Art and Craft of the Documentary Film: An Oral History
of the Story Tellers.

James Gauthier: An Oral History of Loring Air Force Base in Northeast Maine.

Kevin Ramos Glew: Headmasters on Headmastering: An Oral History.

Ilana Grallert: Life Must Go On: An Oral History of Women in Germany at the
End of World War II and in the Early Post War Period.

Rebecca Malila: Justice in America: An Oral History Told by Trial Lawyers.

Carrie McDonnell: The Christian Life: An Oral History.

Alex Merrill: An Oral Biography of Jim Calhoun, the Legendary Basketball
Coach at the University of Connecticut.

Marisa Miller: An Oral History of Maternity Polyclinics in Cuba.



 Myrna has just completed an omnibus article on the story of the Jews of Argentina whichmakes considerable use of oral history and documents the paradox of how the nation who welcomed Jewish refugees fleeing persecution at the same time provided sanctuary for Nazi fugitives.
Harvey has just completed REMEMBERING YANKEE STADIUM, a book replete with nearly 100 voices ranging from a 99-year-old former Yankee, to batboys, players, managers, broadcasters, writers, and ordinary fans. The work, which combines oral and narrative history and more than 200 archival images, is slated for Fall 2008 publication by Stuart, Tabori and Chang, an imprint of Abrams Publishers.  

Frank Possemante is working to publish his "Militia" thesis about growing up
in South Boston.

Kathleen Fortin is in the process of locating a suitable agent to help her publish
her oral history thesis about the MacDowell Artists’ Colony.


The next Oral History Workshop is slated for January 30, 2008 from 3-5pm in the 1930’s Room, Rocky. Students interested in taking MALS 191 are welcome to this event where  past, present and future members of the MALS’ Oral History community will interface. Those planning to attend should RSVP to Harvey Frommer by January 20th.


Volume VI of the ORAL HISTORY READER  will be available in late March. Thanks once again to Wole for his “good shepherding” of this latest batch of compelling projects.


Thomas Neeley (06), our former Editor, now residing in San Francisco, for his assistance with the technical components in producing this Newsletter



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