MALS Thesis Presentations
Friday, May 11, 2018
3:00pm in Carpenter 013

Ben Vonderheide
An Oral History of the United States Coast Guard Academy Class of 1980
Harvey Frommer, Kerry Landers, Don Pease

The United States Coast Guard Academy is a premier academic institution with highly selective admissions dating back to 1876. One hundred years later, thirty-eight women entered the Academy for the first time. Fourteen women graduated and commissioned into the United States Coast Guard in 1980. Through the medium of oral history, I was able to consolidate all of their stories for the first time. I conducted twenty-one interviews with men and women, graduates and non-graduates. The memories of my participants help to recreate the atmosphere at the Academy over forty years ago.

The goal of my project was to document a retelling of the joys and hardships faced by the first women to enter a previously all-male military institution. What I received was tremendous feedback about how the Coast Guard and the Academy assimilated women into their establishments. Many of the stories are unique and personal, but equally as many are memories of instances shared by all.

The topics covered were not preset, nor were the questions fixed prior to our conversations. We discussed uniforms, living areas, academics, extracurricular activities, the press, disappointments, harassment and numerous other subjects. In most cases my inquiries focused on what stuck out to each person the most. The result was 19 individual memoirs that are by no means comprehensive but provide the reader with a snapshot of the experiences of the first women to integrate into the Coast Guard Academy.

Nearly all of the participants remain connected to the Coast Guard or the Coast Guard Academy in some way. All of them maintained a sense of pride when discussing their experiences despite some of them being unpleasant. My thesis serves as a window into a small and protective military community.

Shadara MacNicol
Co-Education at Dartmouth: The First Years of Women at the College
Harvey Frommer, Regine Rosenthal, Keith Walker

During my first summer working in the Athletic Department at Dartmouth College, I can recall older male alumni coming into the office to ask about the location of a particular team photo or a specific team’s trophy. While escorting these individuals or groups to other offices for further assistance or to the area of the item they were inquiring about, these Dartmouth men, often with their wives in tow, would start reminiscing. Almost every story would begin the same way and with very similarly worded phrases like, “Before you girls were allowed to go to school here …” Being that I grew up in California, far away from Hanover, I honestly had no general awareness of the College’s history as an all-male institution for the nearly 200 years since its inception.

Recounting the events that led to the admission of women and the first years of co-education at Dartmouth College through firsthand accounts of the young men and women who matriculated to the College coupled with the experiences of residents and administrators became an obvious choice for my thesis and the right vehicle to capture the essence of this pivotal period.

I wanted to interview these pioneering spirits in an attempt to inspire the new generation of women at Dartmouth in a continued effort to help move women forward not only during their time at the College but more importantly for their many days beyond the town limit of Hanover.

Matt Farbotko
Harvard in the NFL
Harvey Frommer, Barbara Kreiger, Julia Rabig

Harvard in the NFL draws upon my personal story and the previously untapped recollections of twenty former Harvard football players who have gone on to careers in the National Football League (NFL) throughout the past five decades. Each section reveals key moments and pivotal decisions in the unpredictable journey from college to professional football, as told through the first-hand experiences of the athletes who lived them. While the stories in this thesis are not necessarily unique to a football player from Harvard, they illuminate the tangible and intangible factors which contribute to the disproportionately high number of Harvard football players among all Ivy League players currently on active NFL rosters.

Addie Micir
Coaches On Coaching: Inside the Game of Women’s Basketball from Those Who Lived It
Harvey Frommer, Judith White, Don Pease

Collegiate coaching as a profession provides a unique challenge. Even though their personnel changes every year due to graduation and new matriculation, coaches are charged with establishing a cohesive team culture that will not only develop student-athletes of high character but also result in more games won. This challenge becomes even more daunting as new generations become college athletes. The original plan for this thesis was to seek answers to the questions why is it so difficult to coach millennials and what are the factors that make the millennial generation so different? The interviews I conducted with well-respected, tenured college basketball head coaches from across the country made that topic grow into so much more!

This collection of coaches represents a broad cross-section of the profession, and their personal accounts of their careers offer insight on many topics. Though each coach has his or her own distinctive coaching style and team culture, there are common threads that run through each of their stories. Foremost is the fact that although they are all aware that the metric by which their athletic administration measures their success is their win-loss records, not one coach mentions a given number of wins as a goal. Rather, they all recognize that their prime directive is to effect growth in each of their players at a crucial time in their young lives. This growth is in the areas of leadership, cooperation, communication, and self-awareness. Each of the coaches expresses a desire to lead their student-athletes to understand and experience the joy and satisfaction of being a part of something bigger than themselves.

As a byproduct, these interviews served to reaffirm my decision to make coaching my life’s work.


  • Power in this Body: Women & The Reconstruction of Life After Prison
  • Leaders Speak: an Oral History of Great Collegiate Sports Leaders
  • Dartmouth College: Inside Dartmouth Athletics: an Oral and Narrative History
  • Oh, The Changes They’ve Seen: Lifetime Recollections of Women Born Before the End of World War II
  • Mormon pioneers: An Oral History of the Inter-Relationship of a Home and North Danville, VT.
  • The Tunbridge World's Fair
  • The Mississippi Delta Blues
  • Life After the Holocaust
  • Basketball Coaches on Coaching
  • A Finnish Community in New Hampshire
  • An Oral History of the Connecticut River
  • A Laotian Family in Lyme
  • Quarry Hill 1969-1976 : An Oral History of a Time and Place
  • The Move of the Hartford Whalers and Their Transformation into the Carolina Hurricanes
  • The Militia, the Story of Young Men Growing up in South Boston.
  • Who Knows God's Ways: The Sisters of a Convent in Ireland
  • Gold Award Girl Scouts
  • An Oral History of the Sub Culture of Boarding School Students
  • In the Company of Angels: An Oral History about Children Fighting Cancer
  • One Village, Two Centuries, Several Families in Danville, Vermont
  • America's Hometown: An Oral History of Plymouth, Massachusetts in the 20th Century
  • The Christian Life: An Oral History.
  • A Family Coping With Alcoholism
  • Oral History of Boarding School Life
  • The Phoenix Gaels: Traditional Irish Sports, Irish Identity and Culture in America in the 21st century
  • Oral History of Coaches on Coaching
  • Three Generations of a Family in a Dying Town: Berlin, N.H.
  • A Studio of One's Own: An Oral History of the MacDowell Colony.
  • The Impact of Living, Working, and Playing on Nickerson Lake in Linneus and New Limerick, Maine.
  • A Hazing Incident at the University of Vermont
  • Headmasters on Headmastering
  • An Oral Biography of Jim Calhoun, the Legendary Basketball Coach at the University of Connecticut.
  • Adopting a Chinese Baby,
  • The Oral Culture of the Yorubas in Nigeria
  • An Oral History of the Earthquake in Wenchuan, China.
  • Life Must Go On: An Oral History of Women in Germany at the End of World War II and the Early Post War Period.
  • The Cleveland Browns and the City of Cleveland - Intertwined
  • Cold War Warriors: An Oral History of West Point, Class of 1945
  • Is Lady Justice Truly Blind? Lawyers' Views on Justice
  • Downsizing Detroit: The Decline of the Automotive Industry and What it Means to the Motor City
  • An Oral History of Loring Air Force Base in Northeast Maine.
  • An Oral History of People Who Defied the Nazis in the Holocaust
  • An Oral History of Women's Basketball at Dartmouth College
  • Up in the Grand Old Berkshire Hills: An Oral History of YMCA Camp Becket
  • Identity and Happiness of the "New Chinese Woman": An Oral and Narrative Exploration.
  • Oh the Changes They've Seen": Lifetime Recollections by Women Born Before the End of World War II -- how their opportunities and experiences compared to women who came of age after the "Women's Liberation" movement.
  • An Oral history of the lives of women post-incarceration, their histories, struggles, setbacks, achievements.
  • An Oral history of the rise and fall of the jewelry industry in Rhode Island
  • Dartmouth at the Olympics: An Oral History.
  • Inside Dartmouth Athletics
  • An Oral History of Women Who Have Decided to End Their Pregnancies
  • Inside China's One-Child Policy
  • The Art of Time: Independent Watch-Making, An Oral and Narrative History
  • Making Music: An Oral History of Alternative Music Education
  • By the People, For the People: An Oral History of Transgender Experience and Activism
  • Tradition in Lifestyle: An Oral History of Post-Colonized Hong Kong
  • Iranian-American Women: An Oral History
  • Boycotts: An Oral History
  • By the People, For the People: An Oral History of Transgender Experience and Activism
  • I Witness: An Oral History of the Lives of Foreign Correspondents From Vietnam to Post-9/11
  • Teachers on Teaching: An Oral History
  • An Oral History of a Great American Partnership: Boston and the Catholic Church
  • Hurricane Irene, in the Words of Those Who Lived It
  • Under the Scope: A Closer Look at Medical Missions
  • Co-Education at Dartmouth: The First Years of Women at the College
  • Harvard in the National Football League
  • Coaching Across the Generations
  • An Oral History of the USCGA Class of 1980

  • In Progress

  • Talking Red Sox: An Oral History
  • Azorean Immigrant Experience in the United States
  • Communal Memoirs of a Marginalized Group of Business Professionals Seeking Recognition


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